Diana Lemcio

My name is Diana, I am a daughter, mother, wife and a photographer. Photography is my love and passion. Initially photography became my asylum from everyday reality.

A safe place where I can use my camera and imagination to record small moments and situations of my life. Then, after while I discovered that thanks to my imagination skills and experience I can also recreate those moments and situations. In a natural process I discovered that I became fascinated with people and how they do things in everyday life. That brought me to get a degree in Sociology. But, it did not stop me from continuing my adventure with photography. I discovered photography in my wild twenties. That was a time when I began looking closer at my pictures and when I began learning more about photography. I learned complex tricks that improved my editing skills and noticed progress in my photo taking skills. Then, in my more steady 30’s photography became a part of my travels. Seeing different places and experiencing different cultures made me aware that we are all different. But, we are all experiencing life in a similar way. For example We: love, hate, cry, and smile. people all over the world are the same but different!!!!!! That was a light-bulb moment in my life that made me realized that I would like to catch these differences and similarities throughout photography. Three years ago I became a mother of beautiful boy. He gave me those feeling which are just known to parents. That's what really brought me to a place of where I fell in love with my son. And thanks to him I have my passion of family related photos. My photographic journey is mostly about learning, growing, and evolving. That is my love. Since I started photography I was able to evolve; evolve as photographer and even more as person. Like you, I am learning every day. Due to putting together my photography, personal experience, and knowledge I learned about different sides of human nature and about a way of recording life. Theoretically Photography is about time, light and distance…. And that is a true statement. With these skills and knowledge you are able to fix time, moments, persons, and situations. you will a get perfect technical photo. My aim as photographer is to make photos full of emotions, feelings, experience, and every single piece what makes us a HUMAN BEING."